Relationship Web

Relationship Web is a diagnostic self-assessment tool, for both ALBs and Departments to use to test the state of the relationship.

It is based on the diagnostic questions within the joint PCF and Institute for Government framework for effective relations and allows Departments and ALBs to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own relationships.

The diagnostic statements are divided into five key areas for effectiveness, as identified in ‘It takes two’: accountabilities; strategic approach; financial and performance management; communication and engagement; and relationship management. You will be asked to state how strongly you agree with each statement in the context of your relationship using the following seven point scale:

  • 1 Strongly Disagree
  • 2 Disagree
  • 3 Disagree somewhat
  • 4 Neither agree nor disagree
  • 5 Agree somewhat
  • 6 Agree
  • 7 Strongly agree

After completing the exercise, your results are then plotted on to a 'spider’s web' – the further away from the centre your responses, the more effective your relationship; the idea being to stretch the web over time to improve your performance. You will then be able to download a PDF version of the 'spider’s web' and save this on your computer.

There will be an opportunity for individual ALBs and Departments to compare results to see how each party views their relationship. Rather than being the solution to any issues in the relationship, we hope that this exercise will act as a useful conversation starter between Department and ALB.

Staff vs super user

All users will be able to view their own results at the end of the questionnaire. The super user will be able to view all results for their organisation and share with their relevant ALB or Department.

It is strongly recommended that no more than one ‘super user’ is selected per ALB and per ALB relationship within a Department.

Please note that this means there could be more than one super user within a Department, but not more than one within the Department for each ALB relationship.

If you are a super user accessing overall results, you will only be able to view results from your opposite organisation if they have verified and submitted their results already. If not, you will only have access to your own organisation’s results.

We recommend that each ALB and Department agrees who the super user will be prior to using the tool. When requesting access to the tool, please specify in your email whether you require normal staff access or whether you require super user access.

Why do I need to request access?

By requesting access by email, it ensures that confidentiality is maintained and only people working within these relationships can complete the questionnaire and access information about the relevant relationship. This is a straightforward process and once your request has been sent, a user ID will be created and you will receive an automated email containing a unique URL to allow you to start using the tool straight away.

It is also possible for an individual to request access for a group of people– if you would like to do this, please just click on the request access button in the normal way and send an email containing the email addresses of all those who require access. Please also mark out any individuals who will require super user access.